Joining the Surgery

How to Register

As long as you reside in our practice area, you can register by speaking to one of our receptionists will give you some registration forms to complete or you can download the GMS1. When you return your registration forms you will be invited to book and appointment with Donna Shaw, Trainee Nurse Associate, for a healthcheck. This practice is open for all registered patients, offering a complete range of services.  There is an appointment system in operation and appointments can be made by telephone, online (please see the home page on how to register for this service) or by calling into the surgery.  Violence and aggression towards doctors and staff is not tolerated and in instances where this occurs severe steps will be taken.

Although you have registered with a specific GP who you may specify if you wish, you are free to consult any of the doctors or nurses at the surgery.

Moving House

Don’t forget to advise us of your new address.  If you move out of our practice area you will have to register with a new practice.  Please ask our receptionists – Claire, Amie, Sandra or Tracey for advice.

Telephone numbers

Please let us have a record of your telephone numbers both landline (including ex-directory) and mobile, as this is a very important part of information needed should we have to contact you, especially in emergencies.

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